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Why Choose A WordPress Website Design?

1. Easy, editable content

WordPress websites offer you a fully integrated content management system.

What this means is that you get to retain full control over your website to be able to modify and manage your content.

This gives you the ability to make changes and edits to your text, instead of having to go through a designer, who would have to charge you design time to make changes for you.

This puts the power back in your hands and saves you the expense of paying a designer to edit your website for you.


2. Systematically manage all your articles

WordPress is know as a powerful blogging platform, but it’s not just for bloggers!

The power of a website built using WordPress means you get to create as many articles and news updates as you want – and they will automatically be stored, ordered by date, subject, categories and tags – all on your behalf, no need for programming skills, or to worry that you will run out of storage space.

Many people think that having a blog you update on your WordPress website is a requirement, but it is only an option.

WordPress is not just a “blog”, it is also capable of creating fully functioning static websites, that do not even use a blog feature.

However it is highly recommended that you DO add a “latest news/blog” section to your website – as the more news and up to date articles you add to your website, the more visitors you will help attract to your site over time.

Search engines love fresh content, and adding news updates will help you to be found by people looking for you by subject, bringing more site traffic (potential customers) your way.


3. You can grow a WordPress website alongside your business

With a WordPress website there is so much you can add to it, to grow your site and turn it from a stand alone blog, into a functioning e-commerce website that will adequately meet most average, small business needs.

WordPress Plugins are useful programmes people create that are listed in an online WordPress library, you can access from your WordPress website.

So, for example, if you need to add social icons to your site, SEO capabilities, Paypal functionality, spam protection, flash slides, galleries, contact forms etc, etc… you can simply browse the wordpress plugin’s library, where you can also check out reviews on each of the plugins, and then pick and choose which plugins to add to your site.


4. WordPress easily integrates with most third party sites

WordPress integrates with most third party sites, such as – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Paypal and most mailing list options such as Mailchimp.


5. WordPress gives you flexible design themes

With the help of a designer or specialist themes you can buy, WordPress has the capability to create an attractive, clear website that is tailored to your brand’s requirements, colours, personal style, layout needs and design preferences.



A WordPress website will give you an editable, integrated content management system that has longevity and great potential to support the growth of your idea/small business.



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